Energy savings

Energy management seeks to optimize gas and electricity bills and to achieve a permanent reduction in consumption and in energy costs for a business. Energy management calls for specific experience and a familiarity with changes in technology and legislation that not all businesses are able to achieve in house.

Ferrari Green Energy has the necessary skill and experience in the industry to be the ideal partner for our customers, assisting you with your energy needs and reducing you energy bills right from the start.

Through our energy management services, Ferrari Green Energy identifies the critical issues in your business to then propose the most appropriate solutions.

Installing solar panels or a cogeneration system, using LED lights in place of obsolete, traditional light bulbs, buying electric cars, or installing systems to make consumption more efficient (power optimization) are just a few examples of the great many ways in which optimal energy savings can be achieved.

Even changing utility provider or choosing a less expensive electricity and/or gas plan are very important aspects that are not to be overlooked.

Our consulting services can play a crucial role and are based on our knowledge of the industry and the latest technologies available.

How we work

Energy reporting to assess the flows of energy within your business
Optimization of energy purchases by identifying the most appropriate sources and pricing plans
Identifying and implementing measures to increase energy efficiency