Financing with EPCs

Ferrari Green Energy can provide energy-efficiency services that are financed by way of Energy Performance Contracts (EPCs). This is another form of financing which ensures the customer achieves energy savings and is of great importance to customers that lack the capital to invest in energy efficiency.

An Energy Performance Contract (EPC) can be of significant benefit to customers in that they can pay for their investment directly through the energy savings achieved by the ESCo. Under an EPC, it is Ferrari Green Energy that finances the entire energy-efficiency project, takes on the technical risk, and ensures the savings are achieved.


After completion of the energy-efficiency project financed by the ESCo, utility costs decline and the energy savings is achieved. These savings are then used to cover the initial cost of the investment and the costs for the entire duration of the contract. Once the contract comes to an end, the energy and cost savings are enjoyed by the customer in their entirety.

  • Turnkey solution: Ferrari Green Energy provides all of the services needed in order to plan, execute and manage the energy-savings project for the customer, from initial energy analysis to project execution and ongoing monitoring and verification of savings.
  • Project financing: Ferrari Green Energy provides full financing for the project, so the customer’s initial outlay is zero.
  • Savings guaranteed: Ferrari Green Energy guarantees that the energy savings generated by the project will result in full recovery of the investment over the short term.
  • Sharing in the savings goals: Ferrari Green Energy is financially involved in the investment and so works towards the same energy-savings goals of the customer.