Ferrari Green Energy

Ferrari Green Energy is an energy service company (ESCo), accredited by the Italian Authority for Energy & Gas (AEG), that provides a full range of energy efficiency solutions both direct to public and private-sector customers and on an outsourcing basis.

Ferrari Green Energy provides energy-efficiency services in the public and private sectors. We operate independently in the energy industry and can therefore monitor the entire European marketplace to select the best electricity and gas providers to meet the needs of the customer.

European energy policy requires anyone looking to pursue energy-efficiency projects to turn to financially sound enterprises in order to ensure the successful completion of such projects. Ferrari Green Energy makes use of and recommends the most advanced technologies to achieve the levels of energy efficiency you seek.

Ferrari Green Energy has already presented over 900 projects for energy-efficiency certificates (white certificates) and has conducted over 100 energy audits to help businesses evaluate targeted energy-efficiency actions for their production facilities and offices.

The Ferrari Group has over 30 years of experience in the industry and has recently developed specific know-how in the provision of a full range of energy-efficiency solutions, both direct to our customers and on an outsourcing basis.

Of particular note in this regard is work we have done to bring buildings up to an A+ energy rating and to provide commercial, industrial and residential buildings with innovative building materials and systems.

Ferrari Green Energy complements the construction divisions of the Ferrari Group by assisting them in obtaining and executing contracts in the public and private sectors.