Solar panels

A photovoltaic system uses solar panels to absorb energy from the sun and convert it into electricity.

It can be used in all contexts in which electricity is consumed (e.g. for the home, office buildings, factories, hospitals, hotels, and so on).

A photovoltaic system is connected directly to the electrical system and generates electricity during the day, making it possible to use the renewable energy of the sun and reduce the overall energy bill.

Ordinarily, when more energy is generated than consumed, the excess is sent to the national power grid, and when a photovoltaic system doesn’t generate enough power to meet demand, such as at night, energy is drawn from the power grid and purchased from the power market.

For solar panels, Ferrari Green Energy offers solutions that both generate electricity from the sun and store the energy generated in excess of demand in order to provide that power to the user when needed.

The benefits for you include:

• The ability to use clean energy free of charge even when the system isn’t generating power;
• Full (or nearly full) energy autonomy;
• A store of electricity in the event of a blackout.